About Mike

About Mike Moore

Bowling is truly is the hardest hand eye coordination game in the world because there is an invisible obstacle that no other game has: the oil pattern on the lanes. Your bowling ball is your tool to navigate the pattern but knowing how to roll it, read the reaction, and repeat the process are skills you can develop in order to improve your game.

I have been bowling since I was 4 years old. Obviously, as a young kid I had no idea what oil was and just wanted to knock the pins over. I started bowling more competitively in high school. My mother found this monthly scratch youth tournament called Florida Youth Scratch Bowlers Tour (FYSBT) also know as “Loschetters” after the tournament directors, Mr. and Mrs Loschetter. For a youth tournament, this rivaled many adult tournaments. Once a month, we traveled all over Central Florida, from the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in between, to compete. It was a two-day tournament starting on Saturday with 10 games of qualifying. The top 16 finishers moved on to another 12 games of head-to-head match play on Sunday. If you made the top five after 22 games of bowling, you got to bowl a T.V. style roll off (5th vs 4th, winner of that match vs 3rd, etc.). These competitions were difficult and grueling, and prepared me for the next level of competition. 

I got my PBA card at the age of 20 and set out to bowl in high level competitions as often as possible. I was fortunate to find success early on and was named the South PBA Rookie of the Year. There were ups and downs bowling professionally, but I was able to consistently rely on my work as a pro shop operator and manager off the lanes. This work gave me exposure to the needs of all types of bowlers, and got me interested in helping people more as a coach.

I subsequently got my bronze and silver USBC certifications, and took courses in Direction and Speed & Accuracy through the Kegel Coaching Masters Program. I've worked with hundreds of bowlers, some for just a few sessions, and others regularly for years. I've seen my students achieve all kinds of goals from winning professional tournaments, bowling honors scores, bowling without pain, improving their averages or spare conversion percentages, to hitting the headpin consistently. I meet individuals where they are and work with them to improve.

In my own game, I've continued to compete when I can - winning 6 regional PBA titles to date and cashing in two national PBA tournaments since 2021. I am continuously learning and eager to share my knowledge with others.


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